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»school is open« 4.0

The Dean's Office of the Faculty of Humanities and the Student Representation StAVV have transferred »school is open« 4.0 new tasks. Since April 1, 2018, "school is open" 4.0 is increasingly addressing the work against anti-Semitism and an inclusive welcome culture at the Faculty of Humanities under the premises of Democracy Development and Reflexive Digitization.

»school is open« 4.0 works on these topics in the following projects:

  • "100 Years of Alija von Alumni of the University of Cologne" on the occasion of the Jubilee Year of the University 2019
  • Learning workshop on anti-Semitism, education in the Middle East conflict and culture of remembrance
  • Stud(i)ntro at the study entry phase.

The work of the »school is open« BildungsRaumProjekts was completed on 31.03.2018. Fundamental concerns of the BildungsRaum project such as democracy development, co-determination, and university welcome culture are maintained. The courses offered by "school is open" 4.0 continue to focus on inclusive learning settings and content. The design of inclusive learning settings and content for more educational justice remains a central concern.


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