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Modul Content "Education in the Middle East Conflict"

We thank the staff of the German Desk of Yad Vashem, who introduced us to the concepts of cognitive empathy and pedagogical work against mnemozide in workshops.

by "school is open" 4.0 | Laura Franke and Silke Bettina Kargl

Wortwolke "Erziehung im Nahostkonflikt" Photo: CC-BY »school is open«

Under the vision "Discover Inclusion and Diversity", the following three digital learning modules will provide inclusive and diverse approaches to Judaism, Jews, Israel and the Middle East conflict. We want to turn rhetoric into action by showing alternative options for actions and interventions to end anti-Semitism. This concern can most likely take place in a cross-disciplinary teaching practice that incorporates the insights and demands of pedagogy, political science, sociology, Jewish studies, linguistics, religious studies and philosophy, history, geography, as well as international law and other disciplines.

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