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Learning Workshop "Education in the Middle East Conflict"

In a postmodern society that is characterized by migration and diversity, this learning-cultural imperative [of the Never Again!] Understood as a learning objective must be expanded to include practical options for teaching students to acquire knowledge of the discourse on anti-Semitism.

Elsässer, Franke, Kargl, Leimbach, Sauer, Schumann 2018, translated to English
Wortwolke "Erziehung im Nahostkonflikt" Photo: CC-BY »school is open«

The learning workshop "Education in the Middle East Conflict" sets itself the goal of reflecting the educational work against any form of anti-Semitism with students in a manner that is action-oriented and solution-oriented, and to translate it into possible courses of action.

The increasing anti-Semitism in Germany manifests itself in addition to the known forms as a cultural code or conspiracy theory increasingly by the rejection and annihilation threat against the State of Israel. Whether on the streets or school yards, anti-Semitic swear words and threats are everywhere. Especially in educational institutions, they require a committed action against anti-Semitism, whether against religiously motivated, modern, Israeli or secondary anti-Semitism.

The learning workshop offers students space to deal independently, actively and reflexively in working alliances with phenomena of anti-Semitism and thereby instructively, to be accompanied by teachers advisory. To deal with the digital transformation, students also include digital resources, tools and apps in the work against anti-Semitism and practice creating their own educational materials.

In the lila-podcast on anti-Semitism and feminism, Monica Schwarz-Friesel conveys a current and very good understanding of anti-Semitism: 3 questions to Monica Schwarz-Friesel