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100 years of Aliyah of University of Cologne Alumni – Stories of the immigration to Israel

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school is open« 4.0 would like to use the approaching 100-years anniversary of the refounding of the University of Cologne in the following year to document stories of University of Cologne Alumni to illustrate Jewish life between Cologne and Israel. These individual biographies of Cologne Alumni who immigrated in the context of Aliyah to Israel will be publicly presented under the direction of Prof. Gudrun Hentges. Therefor the chair respectively the teaching and research area for Political Science, Educational Policy and Political Education at the Faculty of Human Sciences will scientifically frame these individual life testimonies of Cologne immigrants and integrate them into teaching and research.

Jews studied (and did a doctorate) at the University of Cologne, some of them did Aliyah and immigrated to Israel. Several of these Cologne Alumni are survivors of the Shoah, whose doctoral grades were revoked in National Socialism. Family members and relatives of these survivors could bear witness to their stories and ensure as the second generation that the biographies of their parents or grandparents will not be forgotten. These narratives of Jewish alumni of their life and activities at the University of Cologne should become visible and be part of the commemorative culture which is thought as appreciation of Jewish life after the Shoah.

Have you studied at the University of Cologne or are you a relative of an Alumna/Alumnus and do you live in Israel? Please contact us so we can get into conversations with one another.

You can find more information about »school is open« 4.0, about our commemorative learning workshop and our work against antisemitism, also Israel-related antisemitism here:

Contact persons at the Faculty of Human Sciences:
Silke Bettina Kargl
»school is open« 4.0
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Rectorate Representative „100 years new University of Cologne 1919-2019“:
Dr. Rainer Minz
Rectorate | University of Cologne
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